More about Knōsh

Created for conscious consumers who are passionate about real food, Knōsh offers a selection of healthy snacks that are free of refined sugars, gluten and additives.

We are also a low-waste, plastic-free eco store that aims to leave a minimal footprint on this earth. With that in mind, all of our healthy snacks are packaged in biodegradable packaging and glass, and simple, eco-friendly labels. 

Our primary product philosophy is to source sustainably and ethically, in a way that promotes long-term relationships in our community.

As a mom doing her best to raise her kids on a diet free of refined sugar and gluten, Knōsh owner Diane quickly saw the need for yummy treats that are not only good for her family, but also taste great as well.

We aim to grow the Knōsh range to continue offering variety to our signature healthy snacks for kids and adults.

The Knōsh range is made from pure, simple, unrefined ingredients that are made the way nature intended. Simply put, it’s about real food made as nature intended.