Mrs Martin’s Products – Microbes & More

Why do we love the Mrs Martin’s range so much?

For us it started with my daughter’s eczema and finding harsh-chemical free products that actually work but don’t aggravate her breakouts. Mrs Martin’s are approved by the allergy foundation. 

The bonus with Mrs Martin’s eco-friendly products was that it is also great for our Grey Water system! So when cleaning our bathrooms or doing laundry the water runoff can be safely used in the garden.

The probiotic action means we place a variety of good microbes around our home assisting with healthy gut flora! We have all learned that adding a healthy variety of probiotics to your diet and environment actually repairs our guts. Which in turn strengthens our immune system, may help with anxious feelings, affect mood and nutrient uptake.

And that ties in beautifully with our business
of fermented food and drinks 🙂

SOOOO . . . if you haven’t checked them out yet . . . please go do so NOW! Their starter pack has been updated to include 10 items. The high quality containers means it is reusable and for your next order you can buy the refill concentrate in GLASS bottles…so you are doing your bit on eliminating plastic waste too!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! (chuckle, chuckle. . .)

When you sign up for their newsletter on the first order, you get 20% discount off your starter pack PLUS still qualify for free shipping to your door(!!!) ssshhh . . . don’t tell them I told you.

So you have no excuses left to try this amazing product in your home . . .

Do it – you will thank me!

Find the starter pack here:

  • 1l DISH
  • 700 ml SURFACE
  • 700 ml FLOOR
  • 700 ml MIGHTY
  • 1l LAUNDRY
  • 250ml ODOUR
  • 500 ml BODY
  • 250 ml HAND
  • 300ml AIR
  • 100g FLUSH