Lots of ‘funny’ fruit from Knosh! Get your free download ’cause laughter is healthy too.

What’s easy to do, costs no money and makes you feel good?
Answer: laughter!

Yes, being happy has plenty of benefits and Knōsh is making it really easy to not only spread sourdough sandwiches, but some joy too! And what better place to start than with your lunchbox.

As parents who are serious about the health of our family a lot of thought is given to nutrition, food and snack options. Balancing a hectic schedule, we plan in advance and take special care to see our kid taking a healthy lunchbox to school. One element that’s closely related to our overall well-being is our state of mind, our outlook in life and how we rank when it comes to our overall happiness.

Laughter is the feel-good chemical that does wonders for the mind, body and soul! It’s even said that happy people recover faster from illness and are more resilient to disease. Sure, laughing out loud (LOL) has lots of benefits, there’s no denying that. But what’s best about it? Well, it’s that it feels so … good!

Knōsh is helping all of us to remember that a good start to a healthy life and family, is to spread the joy: at home, at work and in the lunchbox too.

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