Knosh is an online shop offering wholesome, healing food that promotes gut health,
with a focus on traditional fermented and cultured foods.

Healthy Chocolate spread, Gut-boosting Sauerkrauts, Naturally-fermented Kombucha and Immune-boosting broths.

Our preferred packaging is glass, which is not only better for the earth,
but also better at maintaining the integrity of our products.

Gluten free • Sugar free • Preservative free • Organic • Yum!

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Real food, made with love in Cape Town, South Africa

Created for conscious consumers who are passionate about real food, Knōsh offers a selection of wholesome food and drinks that are free of
artificial ingredients, gluten and additives and organic as far as we can. Our primary product philosophy is to source sustainably and ethically,
in a way that promotes long-term relationships in our community and for the earth. The Knōsh range is made from pure, simple,
unrefined ingredients that are made the way nature intended.
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Our packaging

We are a low-waste, plastic-free eco store that aims to leave a minimal footprint on this earth. With that in mind, all of our healthy foods are packaged in glass and biodegradable packaging when needed. Our labels are designed to be “dishwasher-able” to be reused along with the glass. We happily take return jars and sterilize and reuse for better environmental best practice. Contact us for more information.

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